Collaborative Learning Leaders (CLL's) function in a unique manner relative to the traditional teacher. Their primary role is to analyze student data as well as create and institute an academic achievement plan for our campus. Together with Facilitators, CLL's plan and lead cluster groups and provide demonstration lessons, coaching, and team-teaching to career teachers. As a partner with the principal, CLL's share some responsibilities such as evaluating and conferencing with teachers and interacting with parents.

They assist teachers to mentor and assist them in the full implementation of the curriculum.  CLL's ensure that the teachers are knowledgeable about the 3-Tier Reading Model, appropriate use of assessment, and intervention strategies for struggling students.  They also serve as a resource in identifying appropriate instructional strategies to improve student achievement for English language learners, students enrolled in Special Education Programs, and students with diverse learning needs.

To contact a Collaborative Learning Leader:  830-709-5130 ext. 4509

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