GT Students Prepare Innovations/Inventions

Parents of GT students, your child has been participating in an innovations/inventions project this 9 weeks.  They brainstormed ideas of something that would affect their lives and the lives around them.  Once they had their concrete idea they had to then draw a picture and list the details of how it would work.  We had a lot of creative inventions.  Now that they have finished the intricacies of the invention on paper, students will create an advertisement to sell the product and figure out who their target consumer/audience will be.  After completing the advertisement they will build a model and present it in an interview setting.  This week they will be building the model, so we are asking you to send them to school with whatever materials they would like to use to build it: i.e. legos, playdoh, cardboard, poster board, etc. Presentations/interviews will be posted on our GT website when they are completed! Brochures will be sent home detailing the GT program.  

Examples some of your children have come up with include:


    The X-Trash

    DinoCar (security in the forest)

    Remote Control IcyHot Patch

    Lure Cover

    Robot 3000 (Portable ATM)

    Do Your Hair Robot

    Weightless Boots

    Jet that breaks speed boundaries

Posted on November 2, 2012 .