UIL District Competition Results & Awards Ceremony Photos

Art 4th

Morgan Walker 4th Place

Natalie Williams 6th Place


Chess 2nd/3rd

Ben Davila-3rd Place

Corban Mueller-Best Alternate


Chess 4th/5th

Michael Tomlinson-1st

Alex Medina-Best Alternate


Dictionary Skills 5th

Sydney Estrada-Best Alternate


Maps, Charts and Graphs

Mason Davila-5th place


Music Memory 3rd Grade

Allison Ringer-6th Place


Number Sense 4th Grade

Emma Mueller-4th Place


Number Sense 5th Grade

Mason Davila-6th Place


Oral Reading 4th Grade

Robert Lane Wagner-4th Place


Oral Reading 5th Grade

Justin DeLeon-6th Place


Ready Writing 4th Grade

Tori Adams-6th Place


Spelling 4th Grade

Natalie Williams-3rd Place


Spelling 5th Grade

Mason Davila-Tied 1st


Storytelling 2nd Grade

Maddux Adams-5th Place

Gillian Haltom-6th Place


Storytelling 3rd Grade

Kate Mask-3rd Place

Allison Ringer-4th Place

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