Full 4-H and FFA Lytle results from Atascosa County Stock Show

Lytle 4-H Club ACLS results:
Robert Wagner - 3rd place rabbits
Cort Haltom - 11th place rabbits
Garrett Ralph - 13th place rabbits
Kylie Mask - 4th place rabbit showmanship
Kason Boyd - reserve grand champion broilers
Robey Harold - 15th place broilers
Rose Carlie Harold - 17th place broilers
Yancy Miller - 6th place turkey hen
Yancy Miller - 9th place turkey tom
Yancy Miller - 4th place poultry showmanship
Meagan Trimmer - 2nd place pig
Nathan Trimmer - 9th place pig
Kody Villareal - 10th place pig
Justin De Leon - 10th place pig
Kannon Hunter - 8th place pig
Goyo Alcorta - champion junior swine skill-a-thon
Alexandra Naegelin - 4th place steer
Jerry Naegelin - 3rd place steer


The dust has settled and the weather is turning more and more like typical stock show weather and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you the 2014 Atascosa County Stock Show results for the Lytle FFA and Lytle Jr FFA!
The combined FFA and Jr. FFA competed with 4 goats, 6 pens of rabbits, 20 pigs, 1 pen of chickens  and 62 individual agriculture mechanics projects.
In the rabbit show we had 4 4-H kiddos place and make sale and Lytle FFA was the ONLY school that all pens of rabbits made it in the show ring. Every other school had at least one pen DQ. Out of our 6 pens we had 2 place in showmanship! Trevor Miller placed 4th and Hailey Hughes placed 2nd in Senior Rabbit Showmanship.
In the poultry show, Trevor Miller was the 3rd place poultry showmanship winner of the senior division. While many might not realize, showmanship is a very hard and intimidating, optional part of show. This part is completely based off of our students knowledge of the species they are showing and how they work with the animal and not the quality of the animal. Some of the possible information they need to know is how/what to feed, what types of vaccinations/preventative medication, gestation periods and what identification methods are used with that species. This takes many hours of extra time studying about the species and working extra with their animal(s). Trevor has truly impressed myself this year with his hard work and dedication to both of his animal projects that he had this year.
Before the agriculture mechanics judging started, some of our students ag mech projects were photographed by the Pleasanton Newspaper and people were coming in just to see these projects! While we had 62 individual projects, some were grouped together to make a “larger” project. All of our projects entered received either a blue or red ribbon with many division winners. Many of these students had multiple projects and worked incredibly hard to finish before the stock show.
Agriculture Mechanics Quick Look:
39 Blue Ribbons
8 Red Ribbons
4 Division Winners
3 3rd in Division
The breakdown of projects includes:
Stone Morales: Blue Ribbon for a yard art project
Trevor Miller: Blue for a boot rack
Savannah Stevens: 3 Red Ribbons for different metal wall arts
Daniel Cochran:2 Blue Ribbons for different hat racks
Joey S.: Red Ribbon for a Truck Hitch
Hailey Hughes: 3 Blue Ribbons for different hat racks
Joey S.: 2 Blue Ribbons for different hat racks
Randal Montgomery: Blue Ribbon for a hat rack
Daniel C. Blue Ribbon for a napkin holder
Randal Montgomery: 1 Blue and 1 Red for napkin holders
Jack Hinshaw: was a division winner for a teacher tool box
Isaiah Gonzalez: Blue Ribbon for a teacher tool box
Leann Castro: Blue Ribbon
Manuel M: Blue Ribbon
Rene Barron: Blue Ribbon/Division Winner
We had 12 fire boxes with each receiving a Blue Ribbon the creators were: Daniel C, Lauren Center (x2), Colton Muse (x3), Tori Martinez (x2), Dani DeLaFuente, Hunter Eichman, Randal Montgomery and the Division Winner was done by Joey S. and John Olivo and was specially made for a vet in Boerne.
Charles Brumley: Blue Ribbon for a smoker
Colton Muse: Blue Ribbon/3rd in Division with a BBQ Pit
Daniel C.: Blue Ribbon/3rd in Division with a gate for his driveway
Tori Martinez: Red Ribbon for a Queen Size, Zebra Bed
Tori Martinez: Blue Ribbon for a Twin Size, Zebra Bed
John O./Randal M. with Tori doing the Plasma Cam work: Blue Ribbon/3rd in Division with the Delicate Cross Queen Bed Frame
Tori Martinez: Blue Ribbon/Division Winner for a Queen Size, Chevy Logo Bed
Dani DeLaFuente: Blue Ribbon for a Goat/Lamb Trim Table
Kristen Villarreal: Red Ribbon for a hand cut 13 shovel display
Michelle Owen: Red Ribbon for a Metal Sculpture
After the judging of the ag mechanics projects is completed, students are allowed to attach a for sale sign and sell the project. We had many be very successful in selling projects after the show. Many of the students were actually in fact so successful that they took orders for more projects! There is now a waiting list for metal projects from the Lytle FFA!
The FFA showed 19 pigs and made the sale with 5 of them!
Jonathan Ramirez: 6th place light-heavy weight Hampshire
Jonah Galvan: 7th place light-heavy weight Hampshire
Rene Barron: 3rd place light weight OPB (other pure breed: Chester White)
Zeke Flores: 10th place light weight OPB (Berkshire)
Hannah Decker: 12th place medium weight OPB (Chester White)
Hailey Hughes: 8th place: light-medium weight Cross
Hannah Decker: 11th place: light-heavy weight Cross
Hailey Hughes was called back for swine showmanship. In addition, Kiersten Friesenhahn and Hailey Hughes competed in the swine skillathon competition and were in the top five of the Senior Division.
On Saturday, we ventured back to the show barn for the annual auction. While it was a VERY LONG day for all of those involved it proved to be an AMAZINGLY successful day for our kiddos that made the sale. Each of our students that made the auction will be receiving a very nice check in the next few months. L.A.S.S.O. was among the Platinum Buyers spending over $20,000 dollars on combined Lytle FFA, Jr. FFA and Lytle 4-H showers.
Thank you for all of your support to our hard working students. Many are not done and will be showing at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo this February!
Jill Tomlinson-Thompson
Lytle High School
Agriculture Science-Animal Science
FFA Advisor

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